300BB Rule In Poker

The subject of how big a bankroll is enough in poker has been the subject of much contention over the years, especially among novice poker players. Opinions tend to vary wildly as to what the proper bankroll to have in poker is, but many expert poker players seem to agree that for limit hold’em, it would be a good idea to have a bankroll that is enough for at least 300 big bets. For no-limit hold ’em, the equivalent to that would be the amount of 20 buy-ins.

Going by that recommendation then, you should have a bankroll of around $1200 if you are planning to play 2/4 limit hold’em. Take note that this is not the amount that you should have for a buy in for a single poker session, but rather what you should have with you to be able to cover everything that might happen in a normal game of poker lasting for several hours.

Although the 300 big bet rule is good one to follow, you should be prepared to adjust that number according to the variances of a particular poker game. If you can manage to win a poker game with an amount lower than that, by all means do so.